Northern Colorado - Elevation 9500' - Rocky Mountain Elk Country 
The air is thinner than I'm used to. As I climb in altitude through pockets of bright yellow aspen and dense pine the rain is slowly turning to snow. My Winchester and pack weigh on my shoulders and I've been half lost since mid-morning but I'm unconcerned. Because in this moment I know this is where the spirit of the truly free roam. In this moment peril and harmony collide, adventure and beauty are one, and with a passion for light and composition this is the moment I'm compelled to capture. 
My photography consists of albums that show stories of adventure and collections of photographs working together in composition to complement each other and give a sense of place and emotion. I use a Nikon DSLR and professional software to edit my photos digitally. 
My work explores dramatically original and inventive ways of presenting nature, waterscape and landscape photography. This is done to encourage self reflection and conversation about protection our local and global environment and ecosystems. And to experience nature's beauty that surrounds us everyday.
Theodore James is based in Jenison, MI and a native to West Michigan. He is a nature, waterscape and landscape photographer and an avid outdoorsman. His father taught him and his brother to hunt and fish and introduced them to the outdoors. But, it wasn’t until his late teens when Theodore and two friends spent a week trekking through the Teton Mountains when he experienced and understood the intimacy of the wild. As Theodore’s love for seeking out new adventures grew so did his passion for capturing the character of this amazing places. Over the years Theodore has become an expert outdoor photographer. Recently his art is emerging to present his photography in original new ways in which the structure complements the composition of the photographs to become a single dynamic piece. Through his work Theodore hopes to promote the conservation of these wild places.
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